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Laser Tattoo Removal Roosevelt, UT

ClearLift laser was developed to help remove dark and multicolored tattoos. ClearLift uses a Q-switched ND: Yag laser to minimize the risk of scarring or hypopigmentation (loss of skin color).

Previous laser removal treatments were less effective at dealing with the colorful types of tattoos that are popular. These lasers also lacked the precision needed to limit permanent damage to the skin. Now you do not have to worry that you will be left with a scar instead of a tattoo. ClearLift is safe and effective and is the only way to remove dark and multicolored tattoos with little skin damage.

Every color in your tattoo requires a different light wavelength and energy. ClearLift’s high-powered Q-Switched laser can use two wavelengths to remove darker or brighter colors like red and orange.

The treatment breaks down ink particles and doesn’t damage the skin. This lack of damage is achieved by a Photo-Acoustic effect created by the laser energy delivered with short pulses to the ink. Over time your body’s healing process or lymphatic system removes the ink fragments. As a result, tattoos fade with minimal risk of scarring. Note that removing a tattoo can take about 7 to 10 sessions. Therefore, you will need to wait 6 to 8 weeks between sessions for the best results.

Before & After

Baseline |  Post 1 tx, 1.5 months
Baseline | Post


1. How can you remove a tattoo?

Tattoo removal used to be painful and difficult. Most experts believe laser removal is the most successful way to remove tattoos. Most tattoos are removed with a Q-Switch laser.

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2. How many treatments will I need?

More than one treatment is required. It isn’t easy to know how many sessions you will need, but plan on at least seven. You also need to consider that there may be downtime while having a tattoo removed.

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3. Are there side effects?

Mild to moderate discomfort may be experienced during laser hair removal. Your provider will offer various comfort tools to be utilized during your treatment.

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4. Why remove a tattoo?

According to polls, one in eight American adults who have a tattoo regret it. Also, many people want to update their tattoos, or the tattoo needs to be more relevant.

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