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Alma Harmony XL Pro Hair Removal Roosevelt, UT

Trying to get rid of unwanted hair has been an age-old issue. Refresh Aesthetics is proud to introduce an effective, quick, and comfortable hair removal system! The Harmony XL Pro SHR hair removal method uses groundbreaking technology to offer a simple and one-stop solution for effective and safe hair removal.

Harmony’s SHR’s unique gradual heating method damages or destroys the tube-shaped hair follicles in the skin but does not injure the surrounding skin.  In addition, the sweeping in-motion delivery technique keeps the laser constantly moving to ensure full coverage.

Simultaneous contact cooling prevents burns and allows more comfortable treatments. In addition, a specialized applicator allows your practitioner to treat large areas in less time.

It doesn’t matter if you have light, dark, or tanned skin, coarse or fine hair; the harmony achieves complete hair removal for all body areas. In addition, it is safe, quick, and virtually painless – you will need no numbing cream or anesthetics.

You may need several sessions depending on your skin color, hair type, and the treatment area. Treatments range from a few seconds for small areas above the lip to eight minutes for an entire back. Your provider will schedule your appointments to give you time to recover between sessions.

Alma is a world-leading provider of energy-based treatment solutions to the aesthetics and beauty market and believes in delivering cutting-edge technology to patients. We know the power of science gives the Harmony PRO XL hair removal system an industry model for all aesthetic concerns.

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Before   |   After 5 Txs, 6 Months
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